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Monthly Uploads Get one entry for each upload that gets validated - One winner per month.

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Upload, upload and upload a bit more!

The more you upload, the higher your chances of winning our monthly prize.

Of course, quality is important, that's why we have a point system for your uploads, where higher quality uploads are worth more entries in our contest.
Here's the breakdown:

  • For each upload: 1 entry
  • Wallpaper: 1 extra entry
  • Wallpaper equal or over 1920x1080 resolution: 1 extra entry
  • Artbook over 2000 pixels on any dimension: 1 extra entry
  • Original author of a wallpaper: 1 extra entry

This of course means, that you can get up to 4 entries on the contest with a single upload, if it is high quality.

How do I win?

At the end of the month, ONE entry will be randomly selected and the owner of that entry will be the winner. So even if you upload a couple of images, you still have a chance of winning.

Everytime you upload, you are getting at least ONE entry on the contest, so each upload counts.

So, what are the PRIZES?

The prizes are not finalized, but the winner will have the option to choose from one of the following (more prizes may be added later):

  • T-Shirt
  • A poster print out of an image of your choice
  • $20 Gift certificate

A few rules to make sure we are all on the same page:

  • Until an image is validated it doesn't count, which means that if you upload on the last day of the month, there is a chance that upload may not count for that month. (it will count for the next one)
  • Rejected images, whether during validation or afterwards do not count either, so do not upload low quality images just to get your score up, because they might end up not counting.
  • Admins and Moderators are excluded from winning
  • Once you win, you cannot win again for the next 3 months. The most times you can win is 3 a year.
  • We will notify the winner via the PM system, as well as email, if the winner doesn't claim the prize within 2 weeks, another random entry will be selected as the winner.

Good luck and happy uploading.

Past Winners

Pending PhantomTricks – June 2013
The winning entry was for uploading this great Naruto Shippuuden artwork => Haruno Sakura
$20 Gift Card superzeta – May 2013
The winning entry was for uploading this erotic Choukou Sennin Hakura Artwork => takamori haruka
$20 Gift Card MissMisty – April 2013
The winning entry was for uploading this great Anime Girls Artwork => school girls
$20 Gift Card S.A.D – March 2013
The winning entry was for uploading this great Pixiv Fantasia Artwork => Gonna Slash It