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Warship Maiden (Game)
jp : Senkan Shōjo
CN : Zhan Jian Shao Nyu
KR : Jeonham Sonyeo

Warship Maiden (Also known as 戦艦少女 (Senkan Shōjo) in Japan, 战舰少女/戰艦少女 (Zhan Jian Shao Nyu) in China, and 전함 소녀 (Jeonham Sonyeo) in South Korea) is an Action MMO game developed by Reconsoft Tokyo and Kadokawa Games, and Published by Reconsoft and Kadokawa Shoten. It served as a spiritual successor of both Kantai Collection and its clone, Warship Girls which both featured personified warships from World War II era.

Warship Maiden set in year 2054 where an Alien creature known as the Abyssals (named after depth sea which where they came from) which first appears in Senkaku Island 20 years ago and began to wreck havoc on every major coastal city such as Hongkong, Kyoto, Seoul, Manila, and San Francisco. A Second Abyssals attack also began in North Sea which devastated Kiel, Calais, Edinburgh, and Hauge. Because of the attack, every nation under UN bands their resources to resolve the Abyssals problem and thus United Nation Forces -UN military branch which consist of military forces from various countres- was born. Many try attempted by the United Nation Forces such as developing of long-forgotten weapon prototype and usage of weapon of mass destruction but no one succeded other than Japan, which introduced an effective fighting force which consisting of well-trained artifical human girl called Kantai Musume or Ship Girls, each of girl is named after real World War II era Japanese ships and they are equiped with an exoskeleton fitted with modular warship equipments. After a huge success of Shipgirls' performance against the Abyssal Forces, many other nation such as United States, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Russia were trying to follow Japan's footstep. Despite the Shipgirl's proven effectiveness, the earth is far from free of Abyssal Forces which trying to conquer and terraform the earth with their toxic, mutated organic matter. The United Nation Forces will fight the sea menace until the last resources.

Source: GCU Wiki
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